Passion for Poetry — with John & Maureen

When?  1st and 3rd Thursday of each month for 1 semester 10.00 am

Reading poetry aloud for pleasure and discussion.  Focussing on the power of language to amaze us; to have a deep impact on our senses and emotions.

For example

  • Walt Whitman: Leaves of Grass …  A huge metaphor in just two lines
  • William Carols Williams: Dedication for a Plot of Ground …ANGER!
  • Walter de la Mare: The Listeners …. for the haunting imagery
  • Banjo Patterson: The Man from Snowy River … Raw Energy
  • W B Yeats: When you are Old … unrequited love

And more contemporary poets like

  • Lucille Clifton: Homage to My Hips .. power and symbolism

We’ll also explore YOUR passion for poetry, and look at poems about life, death, nature and the human experience.




Art for Ipad — with Maureen Joyce

When? Wednesdays 2pm for 6 weeks

This course is for artists and those who have never painted but want to.

We will be using the IPAD as our canvas and using painting techniques to create a range of paintings — landscape, abstract, still life, portrait, seascape — all on the ipad without paints, tins, brushes or mess!

We will start off with the free App called BRUSHES REDUX

Here are a couple of examples… you might guess I like colour

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