COURSES FOR 2022 – Semester 1

To all U3A Port Fairy members and those joining us,

Welcome to U3A Port Fairy courses and activities for 2022!

Online enrolments

From Friday 28 January you can request enrolment in courses by emailing us:

This option will be available once you’ve submitted your membership form, paid your $60 annual fee and had your vaccination status sighted by the committee.

Course Information for 2022 Semester 1 – Please click here

We are delighted with the wide range of 30 courses and activities we are offering in Semester 1.  We welcome the new course leaders for 2022 and thank those who are continuing to lead courses this year.  

Course leaders will contact those who have signed up for their courses with more detailed information. Any changes to arrangements for particular courses will be communicated to you via email.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all as we start 2022 with our exciting program!

Please contact me or one of the other committee members with any questions, comments or ideas.

All the best,


Dr Kate Donelan

President , U3A Port Fairy

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All courses offered are subject to Covid19 regulations, enrolment numbers and available resources.



U3A PORT FAIRY COURSES  – useful links:



We also hold occasional lectures and other events.

Can’t find the right course? —– Tell us what activity YOU can facilitate or lead?

More courses and details of days and times will be added as members continue to express their interest and volunteer to facilitate courses or activities.

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